Buckingham Community Site - Phase 2
Things are progressing, albeit slowly, with the new Buckingham website. A "council approved" website has appeared in recent days but to be quite honest it doesn't have the look that I would have hoped Buckingham would strive for. In plain words, it looks cheap.

Now, cheap is not bad. All my own hosting would be classed as 'budget' and I make use of as much open source software as possible - Joomla is an excellent example of this. Cheap does not have to look cheap.

My goal in designing websites is that they server their intended purpose but look great! While the content of this other site may be good - and to be fair, that's a tough job to get right - the overall look of the site is painfully lacking. I'm amazed they were funded to produce it.

It takes a great deal of effort to produce a good looking website, but with careful selection you can find excellent templates that are not very expensive. These can be tweaked and altered to your own liking and you end up with a fantastic looking, easy to use website that is simple to keep updated... and everyone is happy.

I line with this approach, please take a look at www.inbuckingham.co.uk for a taster of the new theme. It's based on the 'Vintage' template from JoomlaShack which gives us many great layout options to play with. I'm really looking forward to getting the site live... watch this space!